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Ways to Reduce Injection Molding Processing Costs

Injection mold

Mold structure and mold conditions often have a significant impact on the injection molding cycle and processing energy consumption.

1. Reasonable mold design, including runner design, gate form, number of cavities, heating and cooling water channels, etc., can help reduce energy consumption.

2. The use of hot runner molds can not only save materials and reduce energy consumption in material recycling, but the molding process itself also has significant energy-saving effects.

3. The profiling quick-cooling and quick-heating mold can significantly save processing energy consumption and achieve better surface quality.

4. Ensure balanced filling of each cavity, which helps shorten the molding cycle, ensures product quality uniformity, and has excellent energy-saving effects.

5. Using CAE-assisted design technology for mold design, mold flow analysis and simulation can reduce the energy consumption of mold debugging and multiple mold repairs.

6. On the premise of ensuring product quality, using lower clamping force for molding will help extend the life of the mold, help the mold to be filled quickly, and help save energy.

7. Do a good job in mold maintenance to ensure effective heating and cooling water channel conditions.

2. Peripheral equipment

1. Choose auxiliary equipment suitable for your ability, which not only meets the work requirements, but will not be too large.

2. Do a good job in equipment maintenance to ensure that the equipment is in normal working condition. Auxiliary equipment that is not working properly can cause unstable production and even poor quality of parts, resulting in increased energy consumption.

3. Optimize the cooperation and operation sequence of the host and peripheral equipment.

4. Optimize the mutual positions of peripheral equipment and production equipment, and keep peripheral equipment as close to the host as possible without affecting operating conditions.

5. Many auxiliary equipment manufacturers provide on-demand energy supply systems, which can achieve significant energy savings.

6. Use quick mold changing equipment to reduce the waiting time required to switch products during production.

Ways to Reduce Injection Molding Processing Costs

3. Materials

The energy consumption of processing different materials is different. At the same time, improper management of materials or improper management of recycled materials will cause an increase in production energy consumption.

1. On the premise of meeting product performance, materials with lower processing energy consumption should be given priority.

2. Under the conditions of satisfying performance and cost optimization, give priority to high-fluidity materials.

3. Note that materials from different suppliers may have different process conditions.

4. When drying materials, it is best to use them as they are dried to avoid wasting energy when the materials become damp after drying.

5. Preserve materials well to prevent them from being mixed with impurities or foreign matter, which will eventually cause defective products.

6. Some products are allowed to add a certain amount of recycled materials, but attention should be paid to the preservation and cleanliness of the recycled materials to avoid defective parts due to unclean materials.

4. Processing technology

1. On the premise of meeting product performance, use the shortest molding cycle.

2. If there are no special factors, use the processing technology recommended by the supplier for processing as much as possible.

3. For specific products and molds, save all stable equipment and process parameters to shorten the machine adjustment time for the next production change.

4. Optimize the process and use lower clamping force, shorter cooling time and holding time.

5. Adopt new technologies

1. Use auxiliary molding technology, such as gas assist, liquid assist, steam assist, micro-foam injection molding technology, etc.

2. Adopt a unitized molding solution to reduce intermediate links.

3. Adopt new technologies such as in-mold welding, in-mold spraying, in-mold assembly, and in-mold decoration.

4. Use new low-pressure molding technology to shorten the molding cycle and reduce the melt temperature.

5. Use energy regeneration system.


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