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Top 5 advantages of choosing plastic injection moulding

One-stop service for injection moulding P&M,production and sales
Excellent product perform
Excellent product perform

High mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and elongation, good wear resistance and salt spray testing

High product accuracy
High product accuracy

Accuracyup to ±0.01~+0.03, surface finish up to Ra1.6

Rapid mass production
Rapid mass production

High degree of production automation,simple processes, continuous mass production

Low production costs for
Low production costs for

Metal stamping is used to produce small, complex-shaped metal parts in a single operation

Environmental savings
Environmental savings

Plastic products can be recycled and reused without causing waste of resources, and the utilization rate of raw materials is high.

Why choose us?

Product yield rate is more than 95.7%
Advanced equipment

Introduce advanced equipment grinders, CNC, wire cutting machines and other equipment.

18 quality inspection

Detection devices include salt spray testing machines, two- and three-dimensional measuring instruments, etc. Advanced testing equipment to ensure accuracy

Custom Development

A R&D team of 10 people, customer service responds to customer opinions within 8 hours

Sample Delivery

Quotation within12 hours 2 week tooling cycle

5 daysfast proofing, short lead time to 7 days for large shipments

Precision metal stamping

One-stop service for plastic injection moulding R&D,production and sales

The R&D center is located in China and has 25 R&D experts.


Production base in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with 100 experienced engineers and technicians 


We have three branches in Shenzhen to provide after-sales service.

Cooperation Cases

It has been recognized by some enterprises.
Mr. Bob
Medical Device Manufacturer
Mr. Bob

We came to customize precision metal stamping parts processing. With their service and attitude, production technology and craftsmanship, we gave them full recognition and appreciation, laying a solid foundation for market expansion in the new year.

Auto Parts Supplier

We are an electric vehicle company and some of our products are made of plastic, so we found sing oi. The products they produce are of good quality and can fully meet our quality requirements.

Machinery Manufacturer

The product quality is very good and the service is attentive and thoughtful, which makes me very satisfied.

Sing oi plastic injection moulding manufactures has high precision and excellent quality!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Injection molded products are mushy

    The content of moisture and volatile matter in the raw materials is too high. The melt index of the raw materials is too large, and too much lubricant is used. The raw materials require high temperatures to be plasticized, such as PBT, PPS, etc.

    In terms of molding operation, the injection speed is too high, the temperature of the melt is high, and the injection pressure is high.

  • Traces on the surface of injection molded pro

    Linear traces on the surface of plastic parts are formed by the plastics coming together in the mold, and the melts are not completely fused together at their intersections, and they cannot melt into each other, resulting in welding lines, which usually appear as a straight line. It develops from deep to shallow, and this phenomenon has a certain impact on the appearance and mechanical properties. Such as the weld marks on the bottom of the hook plate.

  • Bending deformation during injection molding

    The shape of the plastic part will rotate and twist after the plastic part is demoulded or for a period of time later, such as straight edges facing inward or outward, or flat parts with undulations, such as shift forks, reinforced seats, etc., with local and partial deformations. Overall deformation.

  • What is metal stamping?

    Metal stamping is to place a metal plate in the mold of the stamping machine. The plate is pressed down by the stamping machine according to the shape of the mold to obtain a product. This process is metal stamping.

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