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  To solve the difficulty of producing injection molded parts for home appliances, someone asked me how many tons the injection molding machine weighs and whether it can be used for injection molding. Her drawing shows that injection molded products for home appliances are not painted and cannot have shrinkage, air marks, thick and thin marks, etc., she said. She has a product processing company with a monthly shipment volume of 50,000. She needs a 250-ton injection molding machine to produce two products. She wants to make a replica mold. The reason why she is looking for a supplier now is to check the price. Secondly, she also encountered The following difficulties in injection molding production need to be solved: 

1.After using POK and ABS, the color difference is difficult to control. 

2. After using pure PC material, the holding force is too tight. 

3. After using PP material, the material is too soft and easy to deform. 

4. After using PC + ABS, the bending test is easy Broken 

5. After using pc + pp, the material becomes brittle and easy to break. 

6. It is good to use tr90, but the cost is too high. See if there are modified materials for pc, or if there are any substitutes for tr90.

In order to solve the above material problems, on the one hand, we contacted our raw material suppliers to find solutions, and on the other hand, we asked the engineering team to review the customer's drawings and evaluate the mold structure. When our engineer Li was evaluating the mold, he found that the structure of this product was a little If you have any questions, please contact the customer's engineering department immediately.

After discussion, the structure was optimized, and the R-angle on the inner edge was cancelled. There was no glue reduction on both sides of the buckle. The purpose of glue reduction was to make the overall glue thickness more uniform, so that there would be no shrinkage, watermarks, etc. on the surface during molding. After a series of discussions in the project, the drawings were revised. This small change can not only ensure the appearance requirements, optimize the function of the entire product, but also increase production capacity.