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injection molding companies in china

injection molding companies in china

Injection molding is an important method for producing plastic products. Some things need to be paid attention to when performing injection molding in order to produce high-quality plastic injection products. So, what technical indicators need to be achieved in injection molding processing?

1. Accuracy of injection molding processing equipment. The injection molding machine is one of the important equipment for injection molding processing in the city. Without high-precision injection molding equipment, it is impossible to produce fine plastic injection molded parts. At present, the repetition error of ordinary injection molding machines on the market is about 1%, while the general error of precision injection molding machines is below 0.5%. Those with less than 0.3% are very fine injection molding machines. At present, some relatively developed foreign injection molding machine manufacturers can produce injection molding machines with errors of less than 0.15%. Therefore, our country's precision injection molding machines also need to continuously develop and improve themselves.

2. The error of the injection molding mold and the quality of the injection molded products are also related to the technical experience of the workers, but the fineness of the injection mold is an important factor in determining the quality of the injection molded products. However, the production of high-precision molds also requires high-precision production equipment, such as CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders, etc. China has become a global manufacturing powerhouse, and the injection molding industry is no exception. With rapid economic growth, technological advancement and skilled labor force, Chinese injection molding companies have become major players in the global market. We are willing and willing to participate in more production orders around the world.