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Stamping die notch

Stamping die notch is a die structure used in metal stamping processing. During the metal stamping process, in order to allow the metal material to flow and extend smoothly, it is necessary to set notches on the mold. The function of the notch is to guide the flow of metal material during the stamping process so that it can extend evenly to obtain the required shape and size.

The design of the stamping die notch needs to consider several factors. First, the shape and size of the notch should match the desired product shape and size. Secondly, the position of the notch should be reasonable to guide the flow of metal materials during the stamping process and avoid excessive stamping or local deformation. In addition, the angle of the notch and the radius of the fillet also need to be selected according to the properties of the metal material and the requirements of the stamping process to ensure the smooth progress of the stamping process.

In practical applications, the design of the stamping die notch also needs to take into account the manufacturing and use costs of the die. If the shape and size of the notch are too complex or too large, it will increase the difficulty and cost of mold manufacturing; if the shape and size of the notch are too small or unreasonable, it may cause the flow of metal materials to be sluggish, affecting the quality and performance of the product. .


To sum up, the stamping die notch is an indispensable part of metal stamping processing. Reasonable notch design can effectively guide the flow of metal materials and ensure that the shape and size of the product meet the requirements. Therefore, when designing stamping molds, factors such as product requirements, metal material properties, and stamping process requirements need to be comprehensively considered to ensure that the design of the notch can meet production needs.


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