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How to deal with Mold roughening of stamping and drawing molds

Mold roughening refers to the appearance of some fine fibrous substances on the surface of the mold, which is usually caused by the wear of the mold material or the unevenness of the mold surface. Mold roughening will affect the quality and appearance of the product, so it needs to be dealt with in time.

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First, you can use sandpaper or a grinding wheel to polish the mold surface to remove the mold roughening part. During the polishing process, moderate attention is required to avoid deformation or damage to the mold surface caused by excessive polishing.

Secondly, you can use mold-specific tools for processing. Usually has a sharp blade that can effectively remove strain on the mold surface. When using the tool, you need to pay attention to the skill and strength of the operation to avoid secondary damage to the mold.

In addition, you can consider repairing or replacing the mold. If the mold roughening on the mold surface is severe and cannot be solved by simple grinding or tool processing, the mold may need to be repaired or replaced. Welding, heat treatment and other methods can be used to repair the mold to restore the mold to normal use; replacing the mold requires making a new mold.

In short, dealing with Mold roughening of stamping molds requires corresponding methods according to the specific situation, which can be solved by grinding, using tools, repairing the mold, or replacing the mold. During the processing, attention needs to be paid to the skill and strength of the operation to avoid secondary damage to the mold.


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