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Why does the drawing mold always stick to the mold?

The reasons why the mold sticks to the mold during metal stamping and stretching may be due to the following situations:

1. Insufficient roughness of the mold surface: Insufficient roughness of the mold surface will cause the friction between the mold and the mold to increase, causing the mold to stick. The solution is to improve the surface finish of the mold, which can be improved by polishing or applying special coatings.

2. Mold temperature is too high: Too high a mold temperature will cause the plastic material to melt on the surface of the mold, thereby sticking to the mold. The solution is to lower the mold temperature, which can be achieved by adjusting the cooling system or increasing the cooling time.

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3. Unreasonable mold design: Unreasonable mold design can also cause the mold to stick. For example, the unreasonable design of the mold outlet prevents the plastic material from smoothly leaving the mold during the stretching process. The solution is to redesign the mold to optimize the shape and size of the outlet.

4. Improper selection of mold materials: Improper selection of mold materials can also cause mold sticking. Some plastic materials have high adhesion and easily stick to the mold. The solution is to choose a suitable mold material, such as using a coating material with low adhesion.

To sum up, to solve the problem of mold sticking, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as mold surface roughness, temperature control, mold design and material selection, and take corresponding measures to improve it.


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