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What is the role of lubricating oil on the surface during metal stamping processing?

When processing stainless steel stamping suppliers, lubricating oil is usually sprayed on the surface of the stamping parts to lubricate the blank on the surface of the metal stamping parts, especially during the metal stamping and stretching process, so lubricants or isolation must be used layer processing. Detailed processing steps are as follows.

stainless steel stamping suppliers

In hardware processing factories, lubricating oil is required when processing stamping parts, which is essential during the deep drawing process. The purpose of using lubricating oil during the stamping process is to reduce friction, extend the service life of the mold, reduce the thinning of deep-drawn parts in dangerous parts, and improve the surface quality of metal stamping parts. Therefore, how to treat the blank of stamping parts with an isolation layer during the production process?

Usually this isolation layer treatment is used in the thinning and deep drawing process of stamped parts. In thinning and drawing, lubricants are used to reduce friction and cool the mold. Dry rubbing should not be used. During the stretching process, in addition to the normal use of lubricants, some materials also require isolation layer treatment. For example, copper plating and phosphating are performed on the surface of the stainless steel billet to form an isolation layer between the billet surface and the mold and die, which can store liquid and have self-lubricating properties during the drawing process; in drawing stainless steel, high-temperature alloys When making steel and other parts, the mold is severely clamped and the strength is high, so it is necessary to lubricate the surface of the blank.


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