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Features and advantages of metal stamping processing

Compared with other processing methods, stainless steel stampings suppliers has many advantages, both technically and economically. Let’s take a look:

1. Cold stamping is an efficient (i.e. high productivity) and low consumption (i.e. high material utilization) processing method.

2. The process is convenient and the process is easy to mechanize and automate.

3. Simple operation, convenient for organizing production. Under mass production conditions, the cost of stamped parts is lower.

4. With simple stamping by a press, various parts and products with complex shapes that are difficult to process using other processing techniques can be obtained.

5. Stamped finished parts generally do not require further mechanical processing. Has high dimensional accuracy. If certain special measures are taken, the dimensional accuracy can be improved for precision parts processing.

6. Stamping parts have good interchangeability. Stamping processing has good stability, and stamped parts from the same batch can be interchanged without affecting assembly and performance.

7. Since stamping parts are mostly made of sheet metal, their surface quality is good, which is convenient for subsequent surface treatment processes (such as electroplating, painting, etc.).

8. Stamping processing can produce parts with high strength, high stiffness and light weight at low cost.

stainless steel stampings suppliers

Advantages of stamping processing:

① It is possible to obtain parts with thin walls, light weight, good rigidity, high surface quality and complex shapes that cannot or are difficult to manufacture by other processing methods.

②Energy saving and material saving

③High efficiency

④Easy to operate, ordinary people can take up the job after training


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