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stainless steel stampings suppliers

stainless steel stampings suppliers

Product Description:

Product name: Precision metal stamping parts

Specifications: Irregular (customized products)

Material: Stainless steel

Product number:

Material thickness: 1.2

Processing customization: Support processing customization

Scope of application: power tool hardware accessories and various communication hardware accessories, home hardware accessories

product requirement:

1. No burrs, no mold marks, scratches or other poor appearance on the surface;

2. Tolerance requirements comply with GB/T1804-m, angle, flatness, position, parallelism, etc.;

Test technical requirements

1. Instruments required for testing: calipers, push-pull force meter, torque meter, 2D, fixtures, inspection tools;

2. Drawing size, surface treatment, GB/T1804-m

Production process: purchase of raw materials--stamping--packaging inspection-shipping

During the visual inspection, the product has no obvious defects such as bruises or missing materials. The operator is required to inspect 3-5 products every 10 minutes.