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Product description: Precision aluminum alloy stamping products

In order to reduce downtime during aluminum stamping processing, manufacturers attach great importance to details. "Reducing costs, improving quality, and improving efficiency" are the main means. When the stamping machine is running for production, shutdown is a major taboo in production, which greatly reduces the overall production efficiency. Other reasons for shutting down stamping machines are mainly due to the lack of mastery of details by mold workers and operators, and effective control can reduce downtime due to mold problems and quality abnormalities.

Before stamping, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials can enter the machine smoothly and smoothly, and whether the master cleans up the scrap in time during the aluminum alloy stamping process. It is also necessary to prevent the raw material from being skewed, resulting in poor stamping. During the stamping process of continuous die or jumping die, step-by-step monitoring should be carried out. If this position is not reached, adjustments should be made in time. During production, the operator should clearly understand the direction and operation method of blowing chips.