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What materials are generally used for injection molds?

 The material selection of injection molds processed by plastic manufacturing factory determines their quality, and injection molding processing is an indispensable link in plastic molding processing. Its proportion in the total mold output increases year by year. According to statistics, the processing and manufacturing of injection molds It accounts for about 33% of the entire molding die. Therefore, its position in the national economy is becoming more and more important. The main influencing factors on the life of plastic parts molds are: mold structure, mold material, mold processing quality, mold working status, product parts status, etc. In this process, the properties and heat treatment of the mold material itself play a vital role. Processing and manufacturing of ordinary injection mold materials.

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At present, most carbon steel mold steels have a wide range of applications due to their low price, easy use, and certain mechanical properties. In addition to plastic mold steel, it also includes other mold steels such as pre-hardened plastic mold steel. There are many mold steels. Currently, the more commonly used ones are pre-hardened plastic mold steel, carburized plastic mold steel and age-hardened plastic mold steel. Hardened plastic mold steel is a hardness rule used when processing steel. This type of steel has excellent cutting performance and can be directly processed into the inner cavity. Generally used in the processing of a large number of injection molding process products, such as mirror molds, etc., 32~40HRC is used to calculate the hardness.

Exquisite polishing technology function.

The quality of injection molded products requires small cavity surface roughness. If the surface roughness of the injection mold cavity is required to be less than Ra0.1-0.25, and the optical surface is required to be less than Ra0.01nm, the cavity needs to be polished to reduce the surface roughness. Therefore, the selected steel requires few material impurities, even arrangement, no fiber guidance, and no pitting or orange peel-like defects when polished.

Excellent thermal stability;

The shapes of parts in injection molds are often complex and difficult to reprocess after quenching. Therefore, materials with good thermal stability should be selected as much as possible. After the heat treatment of the plastic mold molding process, due to the small linear expansion coefficient, small heat treatment deformation, small standard change rate due to temperature differences, stable metallographic arrangement and standard mold, processing can be reduced or stopped, and the standard accuracy and surface of the plastic mold can be guaranteed. Roughness requirements.


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