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What are the processing speed requirements for plastic molds?

The process index of processing speed is very important in the injection molding process of the mold, because it is not only related to the processing cycle of the product, but also determines the processing cost of the product.

The EDM processing speed refers to the mass and volume of the workpiece eroded under certain pulse parameters and the same unit time, which can be expressed by mass processing speed and volume processing speed respectively.

On mold steels with the same surface roughness, the maximum processing speed generated by the relative electric pulse when the electrode is worn out is an important indicator to measure the technical performance of electric pulse processing and machine tools. Generally, manufacturers will provide the maximum processing current to ensure that the mold can achieve the highest processing speed under optimal processing conditions. However, in the actual processing process, the processing conditions and chip removal conditions will differ from the ideal state, and the size and shape of the workpiece will continue to change, so the processing speed is often lower than the maximum processing speed index of the machine tool.

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During each injection molding process, the pulse discharge will leave a small pit on the surface of the workpiece. The size of the pit and the amount of material removed are proportional to the pulse energy. That is to say, the greater the pulse energy, the greater the heat transferred to the workpiece. The more, the more material is removed. Theoretically, the EDM processing speed is proportional to the single pulse energy and discharge frequency, but in actual processing, the function of a single pulse is not reflected alone, but the result of multiple pulses. Since the pulse power supply is continuous, the process of transferring energy to the processing gap through the pulse state is very complicated, so the processing speed is related to the pulse discharge time, pulse interval, pulse discharge current, pulse waveform, processing object performance, electrode material and chip removal Conditionally dependent multivariate functions.

Now we all know the importance of processing speed in injection molding. Customers often ask me whether it is necessary to spray paint on the surface of plastic products. In fact, it depends on the customer's specific usage to see what the benefits of surface painting are.

1. Spraying paint on the surface of plastic products can ensure the brightness of the product, because plastic products hardly reflect light and look darker. If the surface of the plastic product is textured, it will look even darker. At this time, the customer will spray a layer of paint on the surface of the injection molding process products to pursue a beautiful surface and ensure the brightness of the product.

2. Spraying paint on the surface of plastic products can reduce the scrap rate of plastic products. The scrap rate of white plastic products has always been a headache for the injection molding industry. If the surface is spray-painted, the shortcomings of the product can be concealed to a certain extent.

Therefore, it is very useful to spray paint on the surface of plastic products where required, but what we need to know is that spray painting will increase the cost of injection molding.


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