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plastic injection moulding manufacturers

plastic injection moulding manufacturers

SING OI in the process of mechanical processing and production of injection molding, some safety problems arise due to reasons such as the equipment itself or operational errors. For plastic mold processing, because the equipment has the characteristics of strong force, high speed, high temperature and high pressure, it is easy to cause danger during operation.

Injection molding processing injection molding workshop safety production general rules

1. When the equipment is operating normally, operators are prohibited from touching other parts of the equipment except for the safety door and control panel of the injection molding machine.

2. When handling equipment abnormalities, you need to wait for the equipment to stop.

3. Establish a dedicated person responsibility system. Operators who have not received equipment safety training will be disqualified from operating. Equipment fault repairs will be carried out by designated personnel in the workshop. Non-designated personnel are not allowed to repair the equipment.

4. Operate correctly in accordance with the operating procedures, maintain the equipment with all your heart, keep the working environment clean, and achieve civilized production.

5. Strictly implement process and operating specifications, keep various records, and shift handovers should be determined according to safety conditions.

6. All types of equipment have complete safety protection equipment. If damage occurs, timely maintenance is required and it can be used after successful repair.

7. Correctly analyze, judge and handle equipment failures and prevent accidents. If a malfunction occurs, handle it decisively and correctly, report to superiors, protect the site, and keep records.

Safety Instructions for Injection Molding Processing

1. When the injection molding machine is in semi-automatic normal production, it can only perform three actions: opening the front safety door, removing the product and material rod, and closing the front safety door. If additional actions are required, the technician must confirm whether they are necessary for normal annual production. Operation.

2. Except for the actions described above, any action must be performed manually and after shutting down the oil pump. For things involving electricity, the power needs to be turned off. For example, when the work may come into contact with the nozzle and melt barrel, and before cleaning the mold or adjusting any mechanical parts, you need to turn off the power for safety reasons.

3. When an automatic alarm occurs on the equipment, the operator needs to withdraw from the equipment and switch to the "manual" state.

4. In the event of an emergency such as a personal accident or abnormal noise in the equipment mold, you need to press the stop button immediately and seek help from others.

5. When the machine is running, special attention should be paid to avoid extending any part of the body into the closed safety door. Open the safety door before inserting your hands deep into the mold. If you need to move your upper body between the two templates for daily inspection or equipment repair, the oil pump needs to be turned off. No matter what the circumstances, the power supply needs to be cut off when the entire body enters between the two templates.