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  • deep drawn products processing
deep drawn products processing

deep drawn products processing

Deep drawn product processing is a common metal processing method that can manufacture various metal parts with complex shapes. This processing method mainly places the metal material in the mold, and then applies tension to cause the metal material to plastically deform, and finally obtain the desired shape.

Deep drawn mold opening processing has the following characteristics. First of all, metal parts of various shapes can be processed, including thin-walled structures, complex curved surfaces, etc. Secondly, no cutting is required during the machining process, so tool wear and material waste caused by the cutting process can be avoided. Thirdly, the processing efficiency is high, and multiple parts can be processed at one time, improving production efficiency. Finally, the machining accuracy is high and can meet parts with high requirements on size and surface quality.

When performing drawing mold opening processing, you need to pay attention to the following points. First, select the appropriate metal material and consider its plasticity and workability. Secondly, design a reasonable mold structure to ensure that the required shape and size can be achieved. Thirdly, control the processing parameters, including tension, temperature, etc., to ensure the stability and consistency of the processing process. Finally, necessary follow-up treatments, such as annealing, surface treatment, etc., are performed to improve the performance and quality of the parts.

In short, deep drawn metal stamping is an important metal processing method with broad application prospects. Through reasonable design and control, efficient and high-precision parts processing can be achieved to meet the needs of different industries.