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Bearing encapsulation TPU injection molding process

Bearing encapsulation TPU plastic injection molding process

At present, most drive wheels and bearings on the market are covered with hard rubber and soft rubber, and the bearings are made of PC or ABS material, and then the plastic is covered with a layer of TPU. The product we made for a Canadian customer is the best Significantly. Nowadays, the new plastic injection molding process for bearing encapsulation, (TPU directly encapsulates the bearing) process is as follows.


         1. Use high-temperature oil bearings, and the bearings should be sandblasted or laser-engraved. It is recommended to use 35 steel grit for treatment.

         2. After sandblasting, the bearing surface should be blown clean with air first, and then cleaned with solvent so that there are no sand particles on the bearing surface.

         3. Carry out glue brushing treatment and apply a layer of glue on the bearing surface. The glue needs to be evenly brushed on the bearing surface.

         4. After the bearing is brushed with glue and the glue is dry, injection molding is carried out. Injection molding temperature depends on the material.

        5. After injection molding, the product needs to be placed in the oven at 100-120 degrees and baked for 1 hour.

        6. Polish the baked product.



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