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How to solve the problem of injection mold cracking?

Due to various undesirable factors in the injection mold, the drawn parts may crack, which is a very serious appearance defect. Too many defective products are even completely scrapped, which greatly wastes raw materials and reduces production efficiency. It wastes resources and causes defective Plastic Molding And Manufacturing. How should this situation be solved?

        The pressing surface is unevenly colored and poorly polished, the pressing ribs are damaged, the length of the mold support is not the same after installation, and there are unreasonable places in the vent holes and drawn fillets. The above situations can be dealt with and processed one by one. Trim.

        If the position of the test punching sheet and the air cushion pressure are unreasonable, they need to be adjusted within the appropriate range. At the same time, gauze or other plastic cloth can be placed on the pressing surface to control the flow and inflow of the sheet. Change.

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        The size and shape of the punching plate are unreasonable and do not have a certain number of process holes. This can be improved by changing the size of the punching plate and adding process holes. You can also print grid lines on the test punching plate to know more clearly. The condition of the sheet.

        The profile in the material flow direction is relatively rough and needs to be polished. You can also enlarge the fillet part in the process supplement. In the subsequent process, the fillet corresponding to the shaping and drawing dies can also be done in an appropriate way, but you need to pay attention to the shaping amount and Stamping direction.


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