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  • Battery contact sheet stamping
Battery contact sheet stamping

Battery contact sheet stamping

Product Description:

Product name: stamped copper parts

Specifications: irregular

Material: copper

Product number: 636616001

Material thickness:

Custom processing: Yes

When packaging, you need to handle it with care. Each package cannot be placed on top of each other to avoid crushing the product. If the quantity is odd, it needs to be marked on the outer box. When packaging, check whether there is mixed packaging or short packaging.

Then check whether the labels affixed to the packaging and shipping are incorrect. Put each weighed bag into a packaging box and fill it according to specifications, and then place the sealed boxes according to the same date and the same model.

Battery shrapnel needs to have good conductivity, elasticity and corrosion resistance and is mainly used in electronic products, so choosing the right material is crucial. Commonly used materials include copper, stainless steel, etc. These materials have good plastic deformation ability during the stamping process. In addition, stamping molds need to be properly processed, such as annealing, cleaning, etc., to eliminate internal stress and improve surface quality, thereby improving the stamping effect.