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stamping parts manufacturer

SING OI TECH (HK) LIMITED the technical team is led by a team with 15 years of experience in the injection molding stamping industry. The experienced and advanced management information system enables integrated management. From production planning and process formulation to quality inspection, inventory, statistics, etc., computer ERP systems are commonly used. Various departments within the company can share information through computer networks and ERP.

Advanced process management and high degree of standardization. Unlike most domestic mold factories that adopt a production organization model in which fitters are the mainstay or fitters are contracted, our company relies on advanced process equipment and process routes to ensure the accuracy and production progress of stamping parts. The company's advanced equipment, technology and advanced management enable it to produce small and medium-sized, precise and complex molds, which play an extremely important role in promoting the development of automobiles, electronics, medical, home appliances and other industries, and have also brought good results to our company. economic benefits.

Intelligent production management system, accurate delivery time and correct machine selection

2.1 Selection and control of raw materials

2.2 Effective management of molds

2.3 Correct operation and adjustment of injection molding machine

2.4 Carry out quality inspection and comprehensive quality management

2.5 Establish a complete quality assurance system and make full use of the ERP system

2.6 Choose the appropriate control method

2.7 Implement quality network management

2.8 Complete scientific storage, safe shipment and cargo traceability system for finished products