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plastic injection molding supplies

plastic injection molding supplies

After several years of hard work, the company team has become a precision injection molding enterprise service provider with excellent after-sales service and professional technical support, especially for consumer electronics, mobile phone accessories, auto parts, medical IDV consumables and other products for large and small customers. ... + Create digital injection molding processing, mainly: mold manufacturing, injection molding processing. Metal product stamping. Processing: spray painting, baking paint, water transfer printing, electroplating, silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, you can customize injection molding and stamping products in our company. You are welcome to choose us and you will not go wrong.

SING OI TECH (HK) Injection Molding Manufacturer has been committed to brand product development and design, mold manufacturing, and injection molding for more than 10 years. It can be customized for brands and has high-precision imported mold equipment. It has cooperated with more than 100 brands and has rich industry experience.

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